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My name is Maliah Michel and December 10 is a significant day for me. Not only did Hugh Hefner publish the first issue of “Playboy Magazine” on this date, but someone once told me pole dancing was invented on this date as well. It might make sense since ABC News released a famous article on this date in 2010: “Can Pole Dancing Make Leap From Strip Bars to Olympics?” Oh yeah, I was born on this date as well, and this future Olympian was born to dance!

From the earliest age I can remember growing up outside Los Angeles in Pasadena, all I wanted to do was dance. My mom enrolled me in gymnastics and modern dance from a young age, and it came very slowly. As the years went on, I spent hours in front of the home mirror, just dancing. The hard work paid off, and I became known as the best dancer at all the parties in Pasadena! I was always obsessed with sexual dancing and the beat of music. I used to watch Janet Jackson, thinking she was so sexy, and wishing I could sing a lick. Instead, I learned every dance move she ever did. I fell in love with the movie “Striptease” and had to wait until my 18th birthday, but when that came I auditioned at a strip club and was hired that night. The rest is history!

I was always obsessed with sexual dancing and the beat of music…

I started modeling at 20, and appeared in my first music video for Mike Jones and the Ying Yang Twins. Since then I have starred and appeared in music videos for Drake, Sean Kingston, The Game, T.I., Twista feat. Trey Songz, Fabolous feat. Neyo, Busta Rhymes and others. I’ve also been featured or on the cover of every urban magazine, like Smooth, Black Men, XXL, King, Straight Stunting, The Source, and Assets. I love modeling, but nothing will ever compare to my first love and that is dance!

The Time is Now!


So… welcome to MaliahMichel.com! I cannot wait to share all the exciting thing that are going to happen, and am so excited that all my friends and fans will be along for the ride! You’ll hear about my two pitbulls, Mickey and Mallorie, and my love of philosophy and my fascination with the brain and nervous system; and I love holistic medicine and being as natural and healthy as possible.

I’ll also do my best to bring you news, interesting stories and blogs, lots of sexy photos and videos, and some interesting things close to my heart in my online store. Basicaly, all things Maliah Michel! Enjoy your visit, come back soon, I truly love you all!! M

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